COVID-19 Precautions2021-12-06T13:16:51+08:00

All of our technicians have acquired the Infection Control Training – COVID-19 certification.

All clients and technicians must practice good hygiene and use the provided hand sanitiser on arrival.

All technicians use single-use PPE such as masks, gloves, etc.

All equipment such as the lights, chairs, and glasses are all disinfected before and after every client.

Any booking of 2 clients and above must be positioned 1.5 meters apart, please let your technician know if you wish to book a group.

What happens to my deposit and appointment if I am feeling ill?2021-12-06T13:23:24+08:00

If you are sick or feel ill in the lead up to your appointment, please contact The Teeth Whitener on 0451004344 to reschedule your appointment. If you have recently been diagnosed or been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19; Please ensure to contact The Teeth Whitener and your appointment will be cancelled until further notice. All deposits paid for a COVID-19 cancelled appointment will be refunded if and when a medical certificate is supplied.

The Teeth Whitening Process2021-12-06T13:23:54+08:00

Here is how the process works

In the chairside treatment, the client is first given a teeth-cleaning swab that they use to remove any plaque from the surface of their teeth. The beginning shade is measured and agreed upon with the use of a mirror and dental shade guide. Then, the client inserts a mouth prop and cheek retractor in their mouth.

Our custom formulated whitening gel is applied to your teeth and distributed on each tooth with a fine tipped micro brush. All of our technicians undergo extensive training, so the gel is placed on your teeth correctly for maximum results.

Now you sit back and relax with your protection glasses one and we apply our dental grade LED light which will activate the process.

Every 20 minutes we repeat this process to get multiple activation of the gel with the LED in your treatment to achieve best results possible, we provide packages with either 3 or 4 x 20-minute sessions depending on the initial colour of your teeth.

After final mouth rinsing, the ending shade is agreed upon and the whitening treatment is complete. Lastly, the client is given post treatment instructions and directed to website for further FAQ’s.

The chairside teeth whitening treatment process, takes a minimum of about 70 minutes from start to finish to do a Triple treatment, and about 90 minutes total time to do our Ultra White teeth whitening treatment. That includes initial paperwork, pre-treatment prep, and post-treatment finishing and instruction.

Is teeth whitening for everyone?2021-12-06T13:24:50+08:00

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is the #1 requested treatment procedure and is second only to hair treatments in the beauty world. More people than you might imagine have their teeth whitened. A nice bright, white smile can make a big difference in the way a person feels about themselves and can help boost confidence in almost any social setting.

Almost everyone can benefit from having his or her teeth whitened. Treatment results can vary, and our technicians can help clients determine if they are viable candidates for our processes. The Teeth Whitener recommends seeing a dentist first before getting a treatment to those clients that haven’t seen a dentist in 2 or more years, have open unfilled holes in their teeth, or who have untreated gum disease. Also, as with most elective procedures, we do not recommend Cosmetic Teeth Whitening for any woman that is pregnant or nursing.

Patients with extensive front fillings or ceramic crowns may not be suited to tooth whitening and should discuss the procedure further with our technicians.

We do not recommend whitening for the following:

Children under the age of 18 as the pulp (nerve of the tooth) is enlarged until this age and whitening will cause irritation and sensitivity.

Pregnant and breastfeeding, however you can seek advice from your obstetrician/paediatrician.

We recommend you seek advice from your GP or dentists before buying if you have:

Periodontal disease
Overly sensitive teeth
Have had recent oral surgery
Decayed teeth
Exposed roots
Exposed dentine
Jaw problems

We do recommend you see your dentist for a scale and clean before your first whitening treatment.

Is this the same type of teeth bleaching gel that is used by my family dentist?

Yes, we use the same type of peroxide-based teeth bleaching gels as a dentist, but The Teeth Whitener gels may be of a lower strength than what a dentist might use. We do get the same or better results as a dentist in less time; however, this is depending on the type of treatment the dentist chooses to use.

Can I whiten if I have braces?

If you are in active orthodontic treatment and have bands and/or brackets bonded or cemented to your teeth, please wait until after completion of treatment and all appliances have been removed before commencing any bleaching treatment. A lower tightly bonded lingual (tongue-side) wire retainer that was placed by an orthodontist after regular orthodontic treatment is fine to have in your mouth while bleaching is done.

All oral piercings (tongue, cheeks, lips, or nose) must be removed prior to having any teeth whiting treatments done.

How long does it last?

One of the most common questions we get is how long teeth whitening lasts. It’s important to know that it’s not a permanent solution and will need to be repeated regularly to keep your results.

If you eat or drink things that stain teeth, such as coffee, wine and tea or smoke, the results may not last as long.

The time between treatments ranges from a month to a year, depending on your teeth and how much staining they are subjected to.

Does it damage my teeth and will it hurt?2021-12-06T13:25:30+08:00

Some off the counter teeth whitening products may damage the enamel on your teeth. However, our product is safe to use and won’t hurt your enamel.

If you’ve been avoiding teeth whitening for fear it might hurt, you’ll be happy to know that there’s no evidence that teeth whitening products damage your nerves.

That means that it likely won’t hurt to use the products. Teeth whitening products may cause minor sensitivity in the day or two following the treatment, but goes away after that, returning to your normal level of sensitivity.

Are there any side effects to having the teeth whitening process done?2021-12-06T13:25:50+08:00

Some people may feel a slight tingling sensation or have very minor discomfort during or after a teeth-whitening session. A few may have white spots, called blanching, on their gums as well.

These effects are transient and quickly dissipate with a few minutes or so. Most people report no discomfort or sensitivity at all during or after their treatment. Different people react in different ways to chemicals and treatments, and this holds true for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedures as well as teeth bleaching products.

The Teeth Whitener recommends that if a client is experiencing pain or discomfort during the treatment, they should advice the therapist immediately and consult their dentist as soon as possible as this may indicate an undiscovered or unknown problem that might be occurring in their mouths.

What Can I Expect After teeth whitening?2021-12-06T13:26:28+08:00

After teeth whitening, it is advised that you avoid substances that stain, such as tobacco and red wine, for about a week. This is because the pores in your teeth are open and your teeth are more receptive to staining factors after your teeth-whitening treatment. It isn’t common with our teeth whitening product however you may also feel slightly sensitive to very hot or cold foods and beverages.

If you can’t go without your morning coffee or afternoon wine, try drinking through a straw to avoid contact with your teeth as much as possible. It is also important to keep the mouth clean by brushing and flossing regularly.

If I have fillings, porcelain crowns or veneers in my teeth, will these change colour?2021-12-06T13:26:48+08:00

Whitening might remove some stains from your veneers but will only whiten natural tooth enamel. However, we have had amazing results with veneers in the past.

What kind of results can I expect from your process?2021-12-06T13:27:11+08:00

Everyone’s teeth are different. We all have different body chemistry, dental health, genetics, etc. Most people will experience an 8-16 shades whiter difference with our treatment sessions. Overall, we have had 100% of The Teeth Whitening clients that are absolutely thrilled and ecstatic about their treatment results. The “WOW!” factor is huge.

What makes The Teeth Whitener’s Whitening procedures and products superior to all other types of teeth whitening that is available today?2021-12-06T13:27:34+08:00

We use only the finest Australian gel formula along with a high intensity, cool, blue visible spectrum light that puts off no heat to cause tooth nerve inflammation. Our new Brush-On technique utilizes our water based peroxide gel prevents desiccation and keeps the teeth hydrated during bleaching. This hydration also prevents tooth nerve inflammation, which can lead to strong teeth sensitivity. Our system combines these three factors to give our clients the best, fastest, and whitest results with virtually no unpleasant side effects.

How does The Teeth Whitener light differ from the smaller hand-held ones I’ve seen that come with some of the take home kits sold at online?2021-12-06T13:27:58+08:00

For the most part, the light’s wavelength may be approximately the same as ours, but the intensity of these small hand-held lights is much lower and therefore will not work as well or as fast. These lights also come with kits using carbamide peroxide, which does not react as well or as fast as hydrogen peroxide gels do with the addition of a light. The light in this case is more of a gimmick than an actual aid to teeth bleaching and can help cause the price of these take home kits to be higher than need be.

What are the costs involved with Afterpay?2021-12-06T13:28:25+08:00

At the time of booking, a $50 deposit is due to secure the booking. This $50 is deducted from your treatment total cost, and the remainder can then be paid on Afterpay in 4 equal fortnightly instalments. If you pay on time, you’ll pay no interest and no additional fees.

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